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The Pacific Coast of the US carries a mystique that's known around the world. Many people immediately think of the beaches of Southern California or the surf at Big Sur, but you'll discover there's so much more than ocean to the western boundary of the USA.

This tour is being offered in two segments of seven riding days each. The daily riding distances are not long - usually under 200 miles (321km), so your days will be filled with sights and sounds, not extreme miles.

The name says Pacific Coast "and MORE" - our ride from Seattle does not start with the Pacific Coast at all. We remain inland for a bit, riding to 6,400' (1950m) where we'll be surrounded by mountain peaks rising to over 14,000' (4367m) in Mt Rainier National Park. Temperatures should be warm, but mounds of snow from the winter will likely remain along the road as we make our way to our historic lodge. Snowfall last winter was at near record levels - 907" was recorded. That's more than 75' (23m)!P1000087

From Mt. Rainier we depart for Mt St Helens National Monument. This still-active volcano is much smaller than when it erupted on May 18, 1980, spewing millions of tons of rock, ash and hot gases over many thousands of square miles. The changes it brought to the landscape will be evident for thousands of years (and the road to get there is lots of fun!).

In 1805 the Lewis and Clark Expedition followed the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. We'll do the same, arriving at Fort Clatsop, where the Expedition spent the winter of 1805. Now that we've reached the Pacific, we've got some time enjoy the ride along the Oregon Coast. From Florence to Coos Bay, the Oregon Dunes extend for 40 miles (64km). Formed by wind, water and time, these dunes are unique in all the world. They are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America, towering to 500 feet (152m) above sea level. SP50230

NORTH - Seattle to San Francisco

SOUTH - San Francisco to Los Angeles



We hug the shoreline as we continue south. Traffic is light and the seabirds swoop and call as we interrupt their explorations for the day. The bikes call back in their own low tones. Gold Beach is our last overnight in Oregon.

We enter California through the front door - spectacular coastline and forests filled with California Redwoods, the world's largest trees. Some of these giants are more than 300 feet (91m) tall. Sunlight has a long journey from treetop to the forest floor and the air is cool and moist even on the hottest days. IMG0679

Most of the northern coast is isolated and the towns are small and picturesque. Explore as much as you like - we're in no hurry. Ferndale is a quant Victorian village that seems as if it has been unchanged for decades. No fast food, no malls or car lots, just small-town America on the edge of the Pacific. It's also the gateway to the Lost Coast Highway, an optional ride on the way to our overnight in Garberville. It's rugged (but paved) and you'll see a part of the Pacific Coast that less intrepid travellers never discover (it also adds about 2-3 hours to the day).

As we near San Francisco traffic begins to build and we're sharing the road with greater numbers of vehicles. We'll climb above the sea for an overview of the city and make our entrance over the Golden Gate Bridge. The miles today are easy so you'll have free time in the city. Guests continuing on Pacific Coast SOUTH will have most of the next day as free time as well.ggb1


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9 Days, 8 Nights / 7 Riding Days (or Driving)

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1,200 miles / 1,931km

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7 Brkfst, 2 Dinner



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