For the past several years, we've done at least one or two custom tours per year. It's very satisfying - and a stimulating challenge - to plan a motorcycling adventure especially designed to "WOW" a specific group of riders.

"Custom" means a non-scheduled tour, not open to the public. It does NOT have to mean more costly. A custom tour can be the same route or itinerary as one of our scheduled tours, but more often, a custom tour is exactly that - your starting place, your end point, your number of days, and what YOU want to see and do while we are together. Want to stay overnight at a working ranch, take a white-water raft excursion or watch world-class polo? Not a problem!

The tour is truly YOURS - your schedule, your choice of stops, your budget, and your riding companions.

We'll do all the work and planning, or you can be as involved as you like in the entire process. You'll also have the benefit of the enhancements that we provide all our guests on every tour. Special requests are the name of the game, and we stop at nothing to arrange whatever you ask.

Groups can be family and friends, corporate, or visitors from abroad who want to see America together. We enjoyed learning about Russian culture in the Fall of 2005 when we welcomed a group of Russian riders and showed them the "scenic route" from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

Your group can be as small or as large as you wish, although we recommend keeping the group size to a maximum of twelve to fifteen bikes. Larger groups can be accommodated, but we would need to plan accordingly from the outset.

We can easily accommodate non-riders, either in our comfortable support vehicle or by arranging the rental of a suitable touring car, SUV or even motorcoach / RV. Any concerns specific to your group can be addressed, from dietary restrictions to the need for personal security.

The nature of touring by motorcycle lends itself perfectly to strengthening relationships and team building. Corporations might consider a custom tour as a very special reward or incentive for valued employees or customers. Professional groups can even combine a tour with continuing education or training.

Custom tours can be scheduled at any time our mutual schedules allow, but if you're open to suggestion, consider the later part of the season. In September and October the weather is perfect for touring in many areas, and general conditions are much less crowded.

The only limit is your imagination. We're open to your ideas and challenges, and we'll add some ideas of our own as well. We want to show you the best riding experience of your life. The slate is blank, let us go to work on planning your personal dream trip.

Or maybe I should say "the road is open!"

Get in touch and we'll get started...

Steven "Skip" Schippers


Great American Touring

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