Whether you choose a Guided or Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour or a Road Trip Auto Tour, we take a personal interest in making sure every individual has the very best possible experience, and when you contact us to ask about YOUR trip, you'll find out that our approach is relaxed, friendly and truly unique.


Experience the "Best of Both Worlds" with Great American Touring... FANTASTIC travel, the way you like it, combined with our professional attention to the details that make your journey exceptional.

We do all the work... you ENJOY! So take some time, look around the site and call or email me with any questions. And Be Safe, wherever you may go....

Steven "Skip" Schippers



Road Trip Auto Tours

As much as we love motorcycling, it's not always practical or possible to spend a holiday on two wheels. Not everyone rides a motorcycle.

Many of our rider friends have told us that they wish they could take such a trip with their children or other people who don't ride.

One of the best things about a Great American Road Trip Auto Tour is that you'll see North America much differently, much more personally than the ordinary tourist, exploring places you'd never find in the tour books, meeting people you'd drive right past



Motorcycle Touring

We got our start in 2002 as a travel resource for motorcyclists with a passion for riding. Touring by motorcycle is the ultimate travel experience, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to share our own love for riding with others.

Time alternately stands still, or seems to extend forever on a bike. It's multi-sensory... sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch are amplified... not quite overwhelming... enveloping is a better word. It's a sensation that begs to be shared, shown to others and enjoyed for a lifetime.

You'll meet interesting people when you ride with us.. folks you might not encounter in your "real world", and see new places through fresh eyes.DSC0381

Our goal is to create a touring experience that will be what the "Easy Rider" spirit in you needs... and make the miles between your "real world" and the Ride as effortless as the days we'll spend together.

There's not much for you to worry about on a Great American Tour, and we'll show you this incredible country in a whole new way. Escape for a few days and explore America.... the unseen... the beautiful.


Great American Touring

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