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Southern California seems to get most of the attention, but the fact is, Northern California has some of the best riding in the state and is much less congested. Most people visiting northern California are surprised at how much "nothing" is there. This enhanced tour we have designed for you is pure motorcycling nirvana including winding mountain passes, majestic redwoods, active volcanoes and breathtaking coastline, not to mention some of the world's finest wine, straight from the source.ATM0460

As you enter the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, you press onward around deep cut curves through awe-inspiring scenery. For those of you who love mountain riding, the rides don’t get better than this. Some people actually avoid Ebbett's Pass because it is "too hilly and curvy". Occasionally, you'll catch a whiff of toasted brake lingering in the air, proof that not everyone enjoys this as much as we do! Winding your way to Incline Village on Lake Tahoe, the grandeur of this route has all your senses on edge. Gaze over deep valleys, let the aroma of the forest fill your lungs and listen to those bikes keep humming along.

IMG0595You'll spend two restful nights on the shores Lake Tahoe enjoying the many activities of the area - boating, casinos, and of course those roads. As you depart, the pace picks up as you motor toward Lassen Volcanic National Park, entering the National Forest as you pass through Quincy. Don't forget you are standing on a dormant volcano, with bubbly bits perking out all over to remind you that this giant is merely slumbering, The last major eruption was 80 years ago; it blew its stack more than 300 times between 1914 and 1921. Despite the 35 mph speed limit through most of the park, northbound riders seem to soar over the 8,500 ft. summit. We’ve heard tales of riders of riders enjoying the views a little TOO much, and following their eyes into eternity, so please keep mindful that safety is always Number One on every Great American Tour.

From the Lassen National Forest you depart for Lake Shasta via it's namesake mountain, and spend the night in historic Weaverville, a bustling little city of 3,600 clinging to it's history as a Gold Rush town. In addition to the gold, Weaverville was (and is) a busy logging center.

D93Z9482vIt’s a little over 100 miles of motorcycling bliss to the Pacific Coast from Weaverville. Highway 36 treats us to yet another dose of motorcycle riding at its best, with a full spectrum of variety. Twisting turns, winding roads following rivers and streams, mountain passes and gently sweeping stretches that tempt you to "light the wick" just a bit.

Ferndale is near the sea and has maintained its Victorian charm for over a centur. It's a great stop for lunch. Leaving Ferndale, you'll have the option to discover the "Lost Coast Highway" It's rough, rugged and spectacular (but "paved") as it makes it's way to the coast and hugs the rocky shore before returning inland.

The Avenue of the Giants takes you through mile after mile of redwood forest. you'll see these increible trees up close and personal. All of this is your gateway to the Pacific Coast Highway, a virtual oasis separate from the rest of California. Highway 1 is a motorcyclist’s dream come true. You crack the throttle and your worries fade into the background. No tract homes, traffic jams or boulevards here... just you, your motorcycle, the wind in your face and the unbelievable coastline.

You'll spend your final dayon the coast until you turn inlad to Muir Woods and cross the Golden gate Bridge into San Francisco. It's the longest day of the trip and you can return your bike in the next morning.




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